As technology advances it is imperative that we do the same. You need the freedom to request your data results in a variety of formats. Many laboratories place their focus on analytical data. While our commitment to quality and accuracy are paramount, our focus is you. Providing you dependable data just is not enough. How you receive that data and your experience should never be overlooked. That is why we have a multitude of EDD (Electronic Data Deliverables) at our disposal. This ensures that you get the data you need, when and how you need it.


Our management team are experts in state regulatory testing, QA/QC programs, Data Validation and Electronic Data Deliverables. Reports are available in hard copy format, as well. Again, efficiency is our goal for you.


ETI's interactive website is available to accomplish a host of tasks. Whether you need to pay an invoice, determine whether we are certified for your project, access current or archived data or many other tasks - our secure website is here to help.


We understand the constant change and innovation that takes place within the world of technology. You can rest assured that ETI will remain current and press forward to bring new advancements and opportunities to your laboratory experience.

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