ETI has been providing analytical chemistry data to clients throughout the Midwest for over a decade. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality data available is rooted in a clear and confident understanding of current EPA, ASTM and State Specific Methodologies. The need for analytical testing can be as vast as it can be unique. ETI's sample capacity give us the ability to handle large projects and individual samples fluidly. Our size is an asset to you! We are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently in order to customize your experience. Because not every project is the same, neither should be our approach to our clients.


You can count on a fair assessment of your needs and our services. We will always do what is best to ensure the success of your project. Below is a list of commonly requested analyses. Additional services and analyses are available.


Organic Analysis

Inorganic Analysis

UST Management

Hazardous Waste Characterization

Wastewater Analysis & NPDES Requirements










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