Integrity and quality are the cornerstones of the data we provide to our clients. This understanding led us to design our quality program around strict adherence to the NELAC standards and the governing departments of the states in which we do business. We believe firmly in the value of the relationships we have with our clients; however, it is imperative that a solid quality policy create transparency in our performance. 


Accreditation & Certification


In order to maintain our NELAC accreditation and state certifications, we undergo periodic assessments and audits by the respective accrediting bodies. Each method of analysis is scrutinized to ensure complete compliance. A complete list of our accreditations and certifications can be found by visiting the Certifications page of our website.




ETI's quality control program establishes a foundation for our day-to-day laboratory operations and gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their results are regarded with the utmost attention and detail. Our QA/QC program illustrates ETI's commitment to our clients, our environment and our industry. The details of this program directly reflect our understanding of regulatory compliance and industry responsibility. Copies of our Statement of Qualifications and our Quality Manual can be downloaded directly from our website. Should you have any questions or comments regarding our quality program, please contact our QA/QC Manager.

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