Providing quality analytical data is paramount. This can only be achieved by a commitment to sound chemistry and a rigorous process control. How can you know that the results you receive are as accurate as we say they are?


Our certifications lay the foundation for our policies and procedures. With the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) as our core certification, ETI adheres to the most stringent scientific standards available. From sample log-in to final reporting, each step in our process is conducted in compliance with these standards. In addition, state specific certifications ensure that our clients receive their results in accordance with the applicable governing body.


All of this gives you peace of mind. We understand our role as a partner with our clients. Our commitment to our clients, our industry and the environment is supported by constant attention to these standards. 



Certifications are obtained on an analysis by analysis basis. The certification documents below outline the specific analyses for which ETI is accredited. Should you have any questions regarding certification of a specific analysis please contact us. 

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